PC gaming on a budget is not a new topic. There are plenty of YouTube channels that give you tips and deals. However there is one major problem with that. The overwhelming majority of these people live in the United States and the deals and savings they highlight are valid only in that area.

So what about those of us living in Europe? US deals don’t work for us. Beside high shipping charges and currency conversion, we also have to pay import fees and taxes, making it impossible to take advantage of those deals. This is why I created this website – to find the best deals available in Europe so that we too can afford playing our favorite games without paying an arm and a leg for it.

If you are not able to afford spending hundreds and hundreds of euros/pounds on the latest PC or if you simply want the best gaming experience while keeping your budget tight, welcome.


The links to eBay and Amazon are affiliate links. It costs you nothing extra to use them, but when you purchase anything, I am getting a small commission out of it. The proceedings will be used to help buying more hardware to review and (hopefully) allow me to take a day off my full time job every now and then to generate more content, find more deals and do reviews.

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