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Deal Alert – nVidia GTX 750 ti from Amazon UK Warehouse Deals

nVidia GTX 750 ti is still a good video card to transform an older corporate machine into a budget gaming computer, capable of more than decent framerates at 1080p. That is, if you manage to find it on a bargain. Most Amazon UK offers hover around the 100 pounds price, which is too close to the GTX 1050 (around 120 pounds) that is at least around 30% faster, if we compare their PassMark scores. However Amazon UK has a bunch of Gigabyte NVIDIA Gtx 750Ti 1 GB as a warehouse deal for only £66.07 (around 77 euro). If you have...


Deal Alert – i5 desktops for a bargain

There is a hot deal going on on eBay right now, with a number of HP Pro 3400 and 3500 desktops. What’s so hot about them? These machines still have a lot of computing power inside their cases. Pair them with a video card that doesn’t need external power, like GTX 1050 or 1050 ti and you get a beast of a machine, capable of running almost everythign, over 60fps at 1080p. Even more so, these machines are in mini tower format. This means that you can fit any video card inside Here are the deals: HP PRO 3500 –...